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                2020-03-18 21:17  來源:彩02彩票駐京轉運入境人員工作組
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                A Letter to Guangxi-bound Travelers Entering China via Beijing

                March 18, 2020

                Dear passengers,

                Welcome to Guangxi. Welcome back home.

                Given the current situation of the global spread of COVID-19, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has introduced containment measures of inspection and quarantine for travelers from countries and regions severely affected by the epidemic in accordance with the requirements of the State Council with the aim of effectively preventing its cross-border transmission. For the sake of the safety and health of you, your families and the general public, we would appreciate your understanding, support and cooperation in the special measures we take in this crucial period.

                1. Please follow the guidance of our staff at the airport with your masks on and take the designated vehicle bound to the Beijing Shunyi International Exhibition Center after your body temperature is taken.

                2. Please fill in the Passenger Information Form after arriving at the Center. To ensure effective operation and your early arrival to Guangxi, please purchase the designated airplane ticket to Guangxi on the same day. All the ticket-related fees will be covered by yourselves. A vehicle will be arranged by the Beijing Office of the Guangxi People’s Government to send you to the relevant airport.

                3. If in case there are no available flight on the day of your arrival, you will be accommodated at a designated hotel by the Beijing Office of the Guangxi People’s Government at your own expense, and you will be sent to the relevant airport on the next day.

                4. When you arrive in Guangxi, please follow the relevant regulations on epidemic control in earnest and cooperate with the local government for the sake of self-protection.

                5. Criminal responsibility will be ascertained in accordance with the law to those who refuse to cooperate, deliberately conceal their travel records and contact with confirmed or infection cases which consequently cause the spread of the epidemic and endanger public security.

                We apologize for any inconvenience caused by our prevention and containment measures. Thank you for your understanding, support and cooperation and wish you good health and a pleasant journey.

                If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact with us (17877280684). We are always ready for your service.

                The Work Group of

                Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region